Thursday, March 24, 2005

Emergent is a Threat to the Gospel (not my words)

Thanks to Jesus Politics for finding this (he/ she finds everything) at the "wonderful" Baptist Press (I had not made my weekly journey to see what ticked me off as of yet). Not content to let David Dockery disparage a fallen comrade's status as an "evangelical" (since, of course, Baptists do have a better understanding of this word than anyone else), or to let Al Mohler's "review" of Brian's new book (where he disparages Brian's theological training- non too subtly) , but just to make sure everyone knows where they stand, and what they think of Emergent, the Baptist Press has "reported" on Mohler's review, along with other concerns that Emergent is a threat to the gospel (the best "review" of Emergent yet).

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