Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Interesting Stuff on the Shiavo Situation

from the Tampa Tribune, the Shiavo case provokes a blogging storm

The Conservative Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer has an excellent op-ed piece explaining that there is no positive outcome of this outcome for everyone involved. It will either be a tragedy, where a woman is allowed to die from malnutrition against the wishes of most of her family or it will be a travesty of the law, in which the spearation of powers is rendered obsolete and spousal rights tampled upon.

It is a challenging read for either side of the issue, as well as fence riders. Interestly, Town Hall (a conservative online newspaper) uses a title that does not capture the aim of the piece. If you have any interest in the issue, please Click here.

It is amazing the amount of time and energy the press is spending on this story. Of course, I am sure it is much worse in the back yard of the story than in the rest of the nation. The local press is attempting to provide fair and balanced coverage, while the area (and nation) agrees (by a large margin) that the courts are acting correctly by siding with the husband and yet finding the parents more sympathetic. Fascinating.

I did not even hear about the school shooting until the next day (it was at the bottom of the front page of our paper) and feel I do not even know what else is happening in the world. I wonder what will happen if the tube is reattached. Will we go through this again in a couple of months? Will she and her family go through this again in a couple of months?

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