Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lotso Links (with commentary)

Save Darfur's 100 Hours of Conscience start tomorrow, a time to focus upon ending the genocide in Sudan (it begins with a moment of silence on St. Patrick's Day). Get the word out!

An excellent blog keeping up with the situation in Darfur

Jordon quotes Hauerwas on the US and our faith

Great interview with Eugene Peterson via Jason Clark

Maui vacationing Mike King on Lauren Winner's new book

Will Samson has something to ask Republicans, especially Republican Christians

PR Watch has much about the Propaganda video news put out by the Bush Administration and put on our local news stations without warning. I think this is illegal (and yes, Clinton did it too. He just did not perfect it and spend $250 million on it- boy that would help Social Security or Medicare).

You can also sign a petition protesting this practice, which is anti-gospel (it takes what should be in the light and shrouds it in darkness).

Heart and Soul Humor also talks about the propaganda.

Seems tacky for its timing.
David Dockery's "Eulogy" of Stan Grenz.

The problem with the Christian Right's political fundamentalism is that they speak of the Bible all the time, but read one that is too small, according to
Robert Parham in his article on Rick Warren (thanks to Jesus Politics).

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