Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sportswriter Jim Caple on the hypocrisy about Steriods

Some of the better lines from this stinging indictment of the media, congress and holier-than-thou fans attitude regarding the steroids "scandal" in baseball.

"As President of the United States, you single out steroid users in your State of the Union Address and direct the attorney general to prosecute them. As owner of the Texas Rangers, you traded for the player who describes himself as the Grandfather of Steroids and paid him $10 million."

"You're a baseball owner who condemns ballplayers for taking steroids, but you accepted $90 million to put a brewery's name on your stadium."

and my favorite;
"You're a purist who claims recent record performances deserve an asterisk because they were set during the "tainted'' era of steroids – unlike the untarnished, old players who set their records when African-Americans and Latinos were banned from baseball. "

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Matthew 7:1-6

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