Monday, April 11, 2005

Much Better Writer than Me finally lets you read his stuff

My friend and former roommate from seminary, Eric Reed, has finally started writing for the public. While in school, we all thought he was among the best writers at Southwestern. He still is. Unlike me, he bides his time and puts something out only after it has been thought through, edited and finalized (I just vomit words on a computer daily).

He works with a cool ministry attempting to try very innovative ideas out concerning ministry and technology. Part of his duties include writing for a college website (which I cannot remember the name of). However, he has posted a few essays on his own personal site lately.

He is an original thinker (and moves effortlessly among subjects that seemingly have nothing to do with each other) and much more to the right of me (which is good, of course- plus it proves that I am not some Pinko Commie who hangs out in a basement plotting revolution with other Pinko Commies). Check out a couple of essays, especially this brilliant one on the Oscar snubs of the Passion of the Christ.

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jonathan said...

That article on oscar snubs was right on target, and goes for a lot of the other complaining about the "acceptance" of Christians in America. I believe that we should fight institutional discrimination, but it's silly to fight opinion.