Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On to Important Issues

Well, The Contender is over and nobody watched it. While the rest of the world was weeping like babies when Ty remodeled the home of the most Jobian family on earth each week (you know if EM:HE is coming to fix my house, I know my life took a wrong turn someplace), my wife and I, along with Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy were transfixed on the most fascinating 60 minutes of drama to come across the idiot box in many a moon.

I felt honored to be in total agreement with Simmons on this show, its wonders, its cheese and the fact that a reality show of its quality never found an audience. Simmons is at his best when lambasting some unfortunate film or sporting event of questionable quality, but his running diary of the Contender finale is very amusing and right on the money.

But, why should you listen to either one of us. C'mon, both of us think this steroids scandal in baseball is overblown and hypocritical (and Chris Rock too. He said, "if you could take a drug that would make you better at your job, you know you'd do it."). Who would have thought that Jose Conseco would bring an entire sport to its knees.

There is much I do not like about living in Tampa (hurricane season, bugs, extreme heat, SUVs, BoTox, The Bible Belt church atmosphere, old people driving, sexual predators, crappy news, rising home prices, crazy people making the news, Cops with trigger fingers, no Whole Foods, racism, no real baseball, guns, topless bars on every corner, I could go on- but it gets depressing), but there are a few redeeming features (Cuban food, seafood, Palm and banana trees in my yard, winter and spring, Spring Training, good newspapers, water, free city pools, a decent library system). However, our best feature made the front page of the national news today (it is nice to make the news for something besides kidnappings, police shootings, handcuffing children, the Schaivo case and teachers having sex with students).

Dr. Beach released his Top 10 beaches in America and 2 of the Top 4 were in Tampa Bay. How 'bout them apples. Click here for more info. Come see us and check our beautiful sand. Oh, and we got the 2009 Super Bowl too. We will show Houston and Jacksonville how it is done.


Anonymous said...

Contender was awesome. I have heard two rumors.

1. The next Contender will feature heavyweights.
2. The guy who died...I hear he committed suicide.

Do you know anything?

DJ Word said...

actually he did commit suicide. there was an article in our local paper right before the show started. Knowing about it gave added weight to that episode.

He was pretty dark and struggling with lots of stuff even on the show. Knowing the info let me watch the show knowing what to look for.

i guess it is why this was really reality tv