Wednesday, June 22, 2005

a funny thing happened on the way to the Southern Baptist Convention

On my way over to the Baptist Press website to find out if they actually passed the "We are Too Scared of the World to Be Missional Within Public Schools" resolution (or, the retreat resolution), I realized one of the truly amusing things about the world-wide web. If you inadvertently press .com when the address is .org you can end up in the strangest place.

Evidently Southern Baptists did not move quick enough to secure for its "News" gathering and disseminating organization. Somehow, this organization 15 million people strong with a budget the size of the GNP of some nations was beaten by The Butane-Propane News. Ah, Hank Hill would be proud.

Any favorite spots you have wound up with a wrong turn on the world-wide web?

by the way, Baptist Press is

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Paul said...

The first time I looked for the Southern Baptist Convention's website I ended up signing up for telephone service, having typed in Hey, at least I can talk to my friends now.