Thursday, June 16, 2005

Resolution for Schiavo Situation? (you remember her, right)

You may have seen it, but maybe not.

Since America's collective conscience has no ability to think in the near past, you may no longer care about the Terri Schiavo incident. But, if you are unlike the millions that forgot about the situation when more pressing news came down the pike (you know, Jacko's trial, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, American Idol, the Runaway Bride and the disappearance of an American girl in Aruba), you may be interested in the autopsy report, which stated that Terri was indeed in an extreme vegetative state with (according to them) no possibility of recovery.

Link to St. Pete Times coverage (the local paper for the situation).

My 2 cents (worth no more)...

Many of the Republicans in Congress (especially Dr. Frist) were wrong about her condition and much of the arguments have been shown to be for naught (especially those which used a "better" diagnosis as a reason to save her). Of course, I never thought her condition should have anything to do with whether or not she should be fed. You know me, I actually take Matthew 25 seriously.

There is much more coverage in the St. Pete Times today regarding the issue.


james said...

Of course and the greatest hypocrisy regarding the situation (and i think you had cited this once) was that the former governor (G.W. Bush) signed into law for the state of Texas, a bill which would allow hospitals to do exactly what they did in the terri schiavo case. Pull the plug.

DAVID C. PRICE said...

Not so much interested in the politics of this since, as you alluded to, the biblical perspective so far surpasses what any short-sighted politician says or thinks on either side of the aisle or walking down the middle. Frist did have to back-peddle yesterday, demonstrating he, as many others, focused on the wrong aspect of the case.

I have a partial post on this that has been sitting a couple of days I can't quite finish...may not. I just find myself writing the same things I wrote while it was going on. You are exactly right, the issue never had anything to do with her "state of consciousness.