Thursday, September 01, 2005

Helping New Orleans Ministries

Steve McCoy and the commentors at Missional Baptist (the website formerly known as Emerging SBC Leaders) have a great ongoing conversation regarding ways to help groups ministering in New Orleans. There is some good updated info on Desire Street Ministries (site down).

Click here.

The updated info (a great place to help longterm, even though other areas are dealing well with shortterm needs) on Desire Street.

Mo Leverett a PCA ordained pastor ministering in New Orleans has evacuated safely with his family and has set up a temporary office in Atlanta. He and his family have lost everything-their home, the ministry facility, and all of their worldly positions. The staff is scattered and in need of financial relief. The administration is reorganizing and is planning on partnering up with other relief organizations to respond to the needs of New Orleans as well as looking for an alternate location for Desire Street Academy.

The prayer needs are:
All the families effected be this catastrophe -
Mo and his family
The staff and their families
The families that DSM has been ministering to
Wisdom in how best to proceed - In finding a location for the academy In how best to offer relief In how to plan for the future of the ministry

If you are interested in more info you can contact me - Greg Doles or 352.375.0049 has been down but should be back up in the next couple of days-an alternate site for info:

If you would like to respond financially send your checks payable to Desire Street Ministries and mail them to:
Whitney National Bank
Mail Teller
1716 Mangum Road
Houston, TX 77092
Or online at:
type in Desire Street Ministries in the "enter keywords" and follow links to make your donation-we receive 100% of these funds

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