Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Words cannot Express

Talk about a bit of brightness coming at that point in the day after lunch when the blood sugar has crashed. Not that this happened to me today, but I thought you may want to know of the tragedy unfolding in Texas. It seems the Hammer has fallen.

It is nice of Tom DeLay to step down as majority leader, considering it is the law now that he is indicted (unless his Congressional Cronies change the rules again to keep him in power).

I wonder how his buddies Tom Perkins of the Family Research Council, James Dobson at Focus on the Family and Chuck Colson (oh, Chuck what happened to you?) will spin this? Will it just be another part of the conspiracy to bring down this godly man or will they cut bait? Will Colson's anecdotal words at Justice Sunday II become prophetic (he spoke of DeLay taking communion while in line with prisoners at a PF event)?

Click here for CNN's coverage of the DeLay indictment
Click here to read a copy of his indictment (I don't know what kind of sick person would take pleasure in reading such a document pertaining to the downfall of another person)
Click here for local Austin coverage of the occasion
Of course, the National Review thinks the charges are bogus.
Red State gives Delay's perspective.
Fox News (you know- "fair and balanced" and "we report, you decide" shows the chronology with the headline The DeLay Pursuit.

This site attacks the prosecutor. As you may know, DeLay's major defense has been to attack Ronnie Earl, the prosecutor, with partisanship, pointing to his investigations of Republican politicians in the past. Interestingly, those apologists for DeLay conveniently forget to mention that Earl has successfully indicted more Democrats than Republicans while a D.A. His equal opportunity investigations into the corruption of Texas politicians is only reported by the MSM and liberals.

I cannot wait to see the justification from his supporters and the blog world. Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

As much as I am glad to see Delay getting his comeuppance, I am extremely aware of Earl's history of cooky courtroom behavior.

When Earl brought Kay Bailey Hutchison up on corruption charges, his case was so weak that he refused to even stand up and make an opening statement on the first day of trial. The trial judge issued a directed Not Guilty Verdict and the story died.

Delay isn't dead yet. At the end of the day, Earl is just a county prosecutor who happens to have jurisdiction over some pretty high profile cases. Delay will have an unlimited supply of funds and expert lawyers working on his side. If he ends up making Earl look foolish the way Hutchison did in 1993, this story could disappear, too.

Eric said...

I am already on the record for not rejoicing in this indictment and also for wanting to be the first to flame him if this becomes an obvious fact of illegality. I do hope Delay has been forthright, but I am not holding my breath. There are very few politicians we can count on these days. Pretty depressing and yet another glimpse into the dust we all come from. I just happen to avoid the limelight much more than Clinton, Delay, Fallwell, etc.

DJ Word said...

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

For all I know Tom DeLay went to Washington a different man that the man I have watched rule with an iron fist the past 6 years.

Eric said...

"Absolute Power corrupts absolutely."

So I guess that omnipotent AND benevolent deity is...;-)

I am sure we all change throughout our lives. Delay is not immune for the change. I haven't followed him at all (to be honest), so my hope for his "innocence" is more that I weary of "scandal" regardless of who or what. It just tends to continue the downward drift most institutions and people are on. I know this is really a very generalized statement, but it is just that sense of "yuck, here we go again!" I am sick of.

That is why I do hope that all will be exonerated for Delay.