Sunday, October 09, 2005

Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Yesterday was the first official Bennett excursion to a movie theatre. I mean, Gillian saw The Royal Tennenbaums as an infant. and Aedan saw A Mighty Wind, but this was the first time we took the entire fam on an outing to the movies. After too much popcorn and Aedan's boredom during the second half, we finally made it through the film.

It was a great as I (a huge W and G fan) expected and our kids enjoyed it in spurts. Sitll, 85 minutes is entirely too long for our son and it was a bit intense for our daughter (even for a G movie).

There were many parents dragging their kids to the "Children's film" so they could enjoy themselves and have an excuse to see an animated flick opening weekend.

Dreamworks, Disney and Pixar have nothing on little Aardman's studios in England.

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