Monday, October 17, 2005

give me Albert any day

Top of the 9th with 2 outs. Albert Pujols up against Lidge, who scares me greatly.

For a moment more, we are a live. Even if it ends tonight, I must say...

"God, thank you for making Albert Pujols a Cardinal. You shown down upon us the day we picked him up late in the draft."

Sure, Andrew Jones or Derek Lee is the MVP. It was just sealed for Phat Albert.

(sorry emergent friends for yet another baseball post. if I could just focus on theology and church and get away from sports and politics.)


g13 said...

no apologies needed. that was the biggest cardinals moment in 20 years.

mycotn said...

Congrats Rick. Sadly, I missed the amazing moment... a necessary vindication for the eject-o-rama freakshow the game before.

ER said...

It is amazing how a 1 for 5 night can be such a big 1 for 5. I guess context even matters in baseball. Perhaps the most dramatic momentum swing I have witnessed in a LONG time. Congrats.