Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Simmons on the Stomach Punch to the Astros

Bill Simmons thinks the Astros cannot come back after the Level 2 Stomach Punch Albert Pujols delivered. I sure hope he is correct, but I cannot be sure.

However, the best part of his column was his denuniciation of Minute Maid Park and its ridiculous center field hill and short fence. After seeing more baseball games in that park than any other park, I cannot agree more. While a beautiful setting with nice scenery, the setting is not made for MLB. I hate the hill. I hate the short field. I hate the train. I hate the city and the state. I hate the expensive beer in plastic bottles. I hate the Astros. And I really hate the roof (I would not mind the roof, if they would use it only in rain and 90+ degree weather- like they said they would). It is a sin to close a roof when the temperature is 70- that alone should disallow them from winning! Death to baseball teams less than 75 years old!

Click Here for the Simmons Quote and the Rest of "Simmons on the Stomach Punch to the Astros"

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