Thursday, October 20, 2005

what I like about Houston

Recent visitors to my blog (all 3 of you) may wonder why I have such animosity towards Houston. What did this city do to me?

Well, I had to live there for 1.5 years. Even though I hate the city (passionately), I decided to write down a few things that are good about Houston...

1. There are some great people full of hospitality, warmth and open-mindedness.They just happen to live in Hell. My friend Tim Bisagno (native) and I were talking one day. I asked "why don't you move?" He said, "this is my home. I have too many friends here." I said, "why don't all of you move together." I mean there is plenty of space in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Canada.2. Ecclesia, the church we helped found in the Montrose area.

3. It is almost in Louisiana.

4. It is less humid than Beaumont.

5. It is cooler than Algeria.

6. There is a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks (made for good comedy from Lewis Black).

7. It is less polluted than Bangkok (upon deplaning in Houston after 2 weeks in Bangkok, I thought "my goodness the air is fresh here." I realized then how polluted Bangkok was).

8. Good grocery stores (which is sad because Houstoners eat out more than the residents of any other city).

9. Speaking of resturants, Drexler's Barbeque, Fusion Cafe, Hobbit Cafe, Barnaby's, Lupe Tortilla's (best fajitas on the planet), and This is It! (among others).

10. Tom DeLay does not represent the city itself in Congress.

11. There is nothing like preacher's faces on billboards.

12. The traffic there makes me say, "at least I am not in Houston" while sitting in Tampa backups.

13. The airport is among the best in the nation and I love Continental Airlines.

14. There is plenty to protest in the city for environmentalists and healthy living advocates.

15. We found our dog, Marley, in Houston!

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ER said...

I think I preferred your rant "still"