Monday, January 30, 2006

film reviews


High recommendation for this quirky dramedy starring Jim's girlfriend from the Office, the poor kid from the O.C, Katheryn's dad from CSI and the heroine from Army of Darkness (she was in Shindler's List, too). A man from rural North Caroline brings his big city art dealer wife to meet his parents and uncomfortable situations arise. Sounds familiar, huh?

It is not. There are few cliches and a profound understanding of the "Southern Thing" in this sensitive portrayal of a family coming to terms with its choices and a city-slicker learning something about herself in the process.

It makes a few miss-steps along the way (Baptist babies are not christened!) and God enters into this film in a uniquely southern way. While some may find its extremes a caricature of southern religion, I found it right on the money. It can being some tension to those pregnant or new parents, though.

It now sits squarely in my Top 10.

Kristi and I picked Match Point for date night on Sunday. What type of geeky thirtysomethings pick a Woody Allen flick when they can spend an evening kid-free?

It has been getting reviews comparable to Brokeback Mountain so far and will probably be nominated for at least 5 Oscars in the morning. It was an exceptional flick with fine acting. It is very Hitchcockian, but with an early 21st Century, postmodern flavor. As a Hitchcock fanatic, I would differ with many reviewers on its details, putting it a bit more squarely in the classic film noir category with classics such as Double Indemnity.

I will give nothing of the plot, except to say it bears more than passing resemblance to Crimes and Misdemeanors, Allen's classic rumination on God, guilt and shame. This one is a bit existential and deals seriously with the issues of luck, randomness and chance. An opera by Verdi is the palette, but I will not mention which (just in case 1 reader is a Verdi fan and has the plot ruined by this fact).

It is a serious discussion starter and jumps into my Top 3 for 2006. Tonight Thumbsucker is on tap. We will see if it makes it to the Top.

by the way, please stop watching crappy television shows and movies. They are a waste of your very existence. If you think, "maybe I won't hate this," or "maybe it won't suck", even "maybe the plot of this romantic comedy/ thriller/ action flick looks predictable in the preview (in which they tell me the entire plot though music montage), maybe I will be surprised," then take Nancy Reagan's advice and JUST SAY NO.

this public service announcement brought to by the Coalition to Save Us from Crappy Holloywood drivel, Tampa Chapter.

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