Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mohler on Darfur

I cannot believe it, but an important Christian Right (and SBC) leader is actually talking about the situation in Darfur. After months of complaint from me, some of these guys are actually coming around (I know they were reading my blog and realizing I was right).

Al Mohler has a mostly excellent article (that is right, I am complimenting Mohler) on the situation in Darfur and what his readers (who are not the typical readers of what is happening in Darfur) need to do about it.

After his typically mean-spirited and negative comments (sadly) to begin the article, he gets down to business and shows knowledge and understanding of this horrible genocide. In fact, in less than a month he has written about torture and Darfur. Are members of the Right actually getting it? I sure hope so.

Here is Mohler's article
Al's links on Sudan

thanks to Alex for the heads up


Andrew Greenhalgh said...

Hey, Rick. I'm Andrew, the guy down in Bradenton whose info Ryan gave to you when he was last in town. Man, you are so right about Mohler on this one. What is that first paragraph about? Why did he even feel the need to discuss the guy's previous stuff if he's covering something good now? Crazy.

bb said...

Yes, I agree genocide is against GOD`s will.
But also abortion, because the angels can´t have children (says Jesus).
We are their Children.

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