Thursday, March 02, 2006

coming soon, maybe

lots to write about...

coming soon a full review and rundown of last night's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) show at the State Theatre in St. Pete.

taking kids to 2nd theatre experience (since they were each tiny and nursing) to see Curious George. That is a cute little monkey.

conversations with Emergent friends.. Dan Kimball over lunch in Orlando last weekend and Troy Bronsink staying with us for a couple of days this week.

introduction of the biggest new British band since Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys. They really are That good. So, believe the hype. As I will state in full, one more reason that per capita British are superior to Americans.

bizarre writing excercise I am putting together related to Music, the Emerging church and preachers. It has been germinating for a while and I am about ready to unveil it.

mini reviews of Jenny Lewis, Reverend Glasseye, Matt Costa, Okkervil River EP, Cat Power, Gregor Sasma, Chuck Klosterman, Sara Vowell and David Rushkoff's latest.

thoughts on fleeing marauding pirates, living vicariously through writers that voice my thoughts better than I do, new fangled head coverings for church and the wonders of discipling non-Christ followers.

if you have time, let me know which ones I should tackle first.


Mike said...

Emergent conversations... and your opinion on whether or not I should pay full-price for Mr. George (That's six full-priced tickets if they count Ellie).

Mike said...

Me again. While skimming the "Best Music, Film, & Books of 2005" article in the current issue of Paste, I thought of you... and how you might consider getting a start with them as a freelancer... perhaps by reviewing "The Arctic Monkeys." Just a thought.

McGreevy said...

arctic monkeys.... it's like, i want to be a fan, but i need to be conviced as to why I should listen to them instead of Athlete or Snow Patrol.
It's not that I disagree with the goodness, I just don't see the unique. yeah?