Monday, March 20, 2006

My daughter the future Reporter, Politician or Spy

Our daughter Gillian is finally beginning to read (we intentionally have decided to let her lead in this area and not put pressure on her) and has been writing for a while. She will spell the names of her friends and ask what words are and how to pronounce things. Typical kids stuff.

However, this evening's writing is not typical kids stuff. Gillian, who has known who George W. Bush is since early 2004 and would say "paid for by John Kerry" has watched the news with her dad many times. Tonight, after watching a story on CIA intelligence breakdowns leading to the War in Iraq, she came to the back of the house and began to write on a sheet of paper 3 letters.

I went over to the sheet and asked her what she was writing. She showed me the letters C, I and A and asked what they meant. I asked why she wrote them and she said, "it was on the television." She then attempted to pronounce this word phonetically (see-i-a).

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Dustin said...

After relooking into the FSU situation I have redecided that they certainly didn't deserve to be in the tourney regardless if they beat Duke or not. They didn't play anyone else. Their RPI is the second worst in all of college basketball. Every ranked team they played (besides the last Duke game) they lost.

So let's take a look at the resume. They beat:
Purdue 9-19
La Monroe 10-18
Tex South 8-22
BGU 9-21
Stetson 14-18
Campbell 10-18
Nebraska 19-14
Va Tech 14-16
Virginia 15-15
Wake Forest 17-17
Miami 18-15
Clemson 19-13
Ga Tech 11-17
Umass 13-15
Maryland 19-13
Butler 20-10

Th2y beat 5 teams that had an over .500 record. They lost to every team that had an ounce of talent on it. This isn't near the snub I thought it was. They definitely deserved the NIT.

So why should they have been in the dance again????