Thursday, April 13, 2006

Great Article on Illegal Immigration

Thanks to Rudy for linking to this article in World magazine, since it is not high on my reading list. I have steered clear on this blog regarding the illegal immigration debate. Most people that read my blog can guess my position fairly quickly.

For me this has not been a difficult issue. It is difficult to find policy issues on which the Bible is so clear. As a Christian, hospitality and concern for the alien among us is the top concern. It trumps security, job growth, economic issues and Nationalism. All other issues must be considered below the Biblical imperatives.

Anyway, World Magazine, a very conservative Christian publication sets for us an excellent perspective concerning this issue, one that will be listened to because it has strongly conservative credentials. The writer is more concerned with following Jesus than garnering Hispanic votes, but his conclusion is the same.

link to Rudy to read the highlights

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Alex F said...

THere's a great take on the issue over at the Founder's Ministries blog also.