Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my second newpaper profile

funny story... Last night a friend sent a local newspaper reporter my way to discuss Christians that think outside the box regarding church, faith, etc. I spoke to her for an hour today and will be profiled for a story on Easter about revolutionaries. Apparently, she is using Barna's book, Revolutionary to show local Tampanians that express their faith outside the traditional church. She was interested in what we did in Boston.

She said I was perfect for the story since I spoke to her while on the way to a natural foods grocer's Grand Opening and worked at a ministry for homeless families. She has no idea how much art we have on our walls (a lot) and that I am a pacifist. I am so predictable (at least I have no facial hair or tattoos).

I will post the article when it comes out.

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Dustin said...

wow Rick, you're so cool!

by the way, i am going to see Editors as you probably already knew so i won't be there on Sunday.