Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Usually I don't use this space for personal whining (FSU's lack of entry to the NCAAs not withstanding). However, I must vent regarding my cell phone company today.

Now I am not a technophile like many of my friends. I do not need the latest in technology. My PC is about 4.5 years old and has only recently been upgraded (DVD burner, bigger C drive, more memory). I finally broke down and bought an iPod in November and I have not bought a new PDA since I lost my last one over a year ago, opting to put my calendar on my iPod and carry a moleskin diary. Phone-wise, I do not need the coolest gadget which allows me to surf the net, send emails and play games.

However, when time came for a new plan (after 6+ years with Nextel), I succumbed to my wantonn and superficial desires and purchased a Razor (I do have a long face and need something that fits better than thos tiny phnes), instead of the cheaper phone (it is not black, though). However, in less than 3 weeks the darn thing has broken. It started freaking out on Sunday (making all kinds of beeping sounds) and decided to disallow any button pushing yesterday. I can now only receive calls on this machine.

So, yesterday I called T-Mobile and end up on the phone with them for an hour because their policies are so customer UNfriendly. After an hour of being angrily pleasant (by-product of a Southern upbringing), I finally told the young woman I spoke to that I was thankful she was desiring to help, but I could not thank her for helping me, because the company would not allow her to.

Let's go over everything...

  1. Since my cell phone was more than 2 weeks old (an extra 3 days) they would not allow me to return it to a store for exchange. If I by a washer from Home Depot and it breaks 2.5 weeks later, they will allow me to return it. If I buy anything at Target, I can return it within the month for exchange. But not a cell phone.
  2. They have a repair operation in town. However, if I allow them to fix it, my phone is no longer under warranty.
  3. I must wait for up to 7 business days for a new phone to be sent to me (and this usually costs $9.99- but they waived the fee- how nice).
  4. If I want my phone sooner, I must pay the extra shipping cost (and it will still take 3-5 business days).
  5. After 35 minutes I was finally told that I could be given a loaner while my phone was broken. However, it would be a different phone (IOW- piece of crap), I would have to let them place $100 hold on my credit card for the piece of crap and only a few stores are part of this program (1 store hung up on the customer service rep 3X).
  6. For all of this trouble, all they would offer is free minutes. I do not need free minutes. If I needed more minutes, I would have paid for them. What, should I make arbitrary calls to random people, because I have 100 more minutes this month?
  7. No supervisors could offer any more help.
  8. I can complain, but the customer relations department does not receive phone calls. Only faxes. Yes, customer relations does not relate to customers except on their own term.

Now I see why other people vent all the time on their blogs. This feels so much better. It will actually be better when they send me my phone and compensate me for the royal waste of precious moments of my life (I want a free month plus one of those Bluetooth things).


kidpositive said...

cell phone companies are like an abusive relationship. i feel like sprint has treated me like crap throughout our whole relationship (going on 6 years now). so, i finally decided to quit a few weeks ago, and then they were on their knees, offering a free phone and cheaper service for the same plan. since i have no dedication to principles, however, i gladly accepted them back and signed on for another two years. i'd like to say that i'm the strong one in the relationship, but i know i'm not. and i'm sure i'll continue to take their abuse with little to no complaint for the next two years.

james said...

Just wanted to offer that i've had Sprint for over 4 years, with very little trouble. Sorry to hear about the troubles KP and Rick.

Anonymous said...


I saw a segment on NBC news about a month ago or so that mentioned problems that people were having with Razor phones, I think. The story suggestedthat some type of exchange of the entire phone was taking place. Perhpas they were wrong. Might be worth looking into.
Michael of TN