Monday, May 01, 2006

What is wrong with Boston?

Is it merely coincidental that Boston has suffered a downturn, including population drop in the past 2 years, since the departure of the Bennett family? Brian McGrory details the Boston slide of the past few years, underestimating our influence upon the city's former fortunes.

I hope all those new church planters moving to the city don't read this before packing their U-Hauls.

So, if all the New Englanders and New Yorkers are leaving the northeast and finding peace in Florida, why is it still so Red and unlike anything I experienced in Boston?

BTW, it is not the weather. It may be the expense.


Dustin said...

good, maybe it will become affordable again.

I couldn't afford 2200 dollars a month rent anymore, I think that must have something to do with people leaving!

kidpositive said...

maybe people were only staying to see the red sox win a world series. now that's over, they've lost their sense of identity, and have gone elsewhere to find it. i bet there was a significant increase in elderly deaths after the 2004 mlb season. people didn't have much reason to live anymore.