Wednesday, July 26, 2006

30 Days tonight

Time to set the TiVo for the only "reality" show worth watching. In fact, this is a show I would consider bringing people together to watch and discuss.

Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days, Season 2, begings tonight at 10PM. Season 1 showed us rich people living on minimum wage, homophobes living in San Fran, Christians living with Muslims and mothers of binge drinking college students binge drinking for 30 Days.

This season will show us a minute man-type living with illegal immigrants, Morgan spending 30 days in jail and a victim of Outsourcing living inIndia.

Should be compelling.


Mike said...

I really liked his intitial shows, but the previous for this time round come off as quite pretentious and preachy.

I don't exactly agree, but i appriciate the sentiment, when my roommate joked that he should have an imigrant live with the family of a man who can't find work because illegal imigrants will work for less. Not to get a thing started on imigration.

It just seems like he is picking all the hot issues and picking the hip side to be on in those issues.

james said...

I kind of agree. His first episode on the minimum wage was by far his best, and the episodes which followed were mush more inferior.

If I had cable TV though, I'd surely watch this show.