Thursday, July 20, 2006

Favorite religious news stories on a less-than-busy day

Through unmitigated wasting of time I have had an opportunity to uncover the best recent news stories related to Christianity and Faith that may have been missed.

  1. I missed the wonderful news that Ralph Reed lost the Republican primary for Lt. Governor in Georgia (good job GA Republicans- you bit the hand that feeds knowing the hand is quite dirty). more on Saint Ralph
  2. Samuel L. Jackson will voice God in a new audio Bible. (I cannot wait for Obadiah 1:4)
  3. Methodist Activist tells us that Evangelicals are wrong to endorse anti-torture measures (because if the North Koreans and Chinese can do it, we all can).
  4. link
  5. CT store clerk spikes communion juice with dishwashing soap (That could not happen with wine. See, I told you wine is better for communion- article proves it).
  6. Since it was not a Christian wedding, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, Nicole Kidman never married Tom Cruise, so she could marry again (I love loopholes, especially when related to Scientologists).
  7. Church Youth Rock concerns really "nightclub" and shut down by city (c'mon, let the crappy Christian rock play- only Christian kids will show up).
  8. Bible misreaders trying to help Jesus return sooner through political and financial efforts. And, apparently Promise Keepers' Bill McCartney is converting Jews for the same reason (the only responses I have are mean-spirited, contemptuous and filled with hateful language- I will refrain).
  9. Kenneth Lay compared to Jesus and MLK at Memorial service (I mean if Jesus were an aging married wealthy Republican from Texas that ruined thousands of people's lives).
  10. Christians and lawmakers up in arms because Christian film gets a PG (but I thought PG stood for Praise God- all movies want that rating).
  11. Some Presbyterians think Father, Son and Holy Spirit is dated. They want to update the language (how about Pop, Dude and Casper or The Man, The Kid and The Ghost?).

thanks to Christianity Today and a website which disparages the Christian Right for the hits


g13 said...

actually, if you read between the lines concerning the albany church youth nights, we are supposed to side with the police chief in the matter since the bands that are playing do not support rock for life and virulently deny christian claims. apparently we should stand up, stand up for the separation of church and long as the church in question is fostering a theology and practice we agree with.

Mike said...

Though you soar like the eagle
and make your nest among the stars,
from there I will bring you down,
Do you hear me Mother F*******,
I will F****** BRING YOU DOWN B****,"
declares the LORD

Old Sailfish said...

20 years later and you're still causing trouble and questioning authority, Rick... or should I say..... "Biff".
Keep up the good work, my old friend!!

and also with you said...

You always had a thing for Obadiah, and for Samuel L...and now they're finally together.

Ivory liquid in the communion juice? Brings a whole new meaning to "washed by the blood," I guess.

Bob Robinson said...

I'm reviewing Greg Boyd's book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, over at Vanguard Church. I'd love to have you weigh in!!