Monday, July 10, 2006

freedom from freedom

What is freedom?

According to this article, conservatives and progressives want the same thing (freedom) but they define the word in radically different ways. Gay Marriage, Iraq, Gitmo, Flag burning, abortion, elected officials making decisions vs. courts, free market, taxes, religion all revolve around someone's idea of freedom and how the present reality does not offer it.



Ryan Lee Sharp said...

You know, it's amazing how problematic language is...because the way I define a word/concept/etc. might be incredibly different than the way you do.

But what are we to do?

Perhaps help forge some new language? But geez, I think about the girl who could never embrace MISSIONAL because it was too tied (for her) to MISSIONARY and conquest. Wild.

I was telling Mark the other day that we construct language and categories to help us understand things, and then we turn around and fight over language and categories when they were only tools we created to understand our world...they're not the issues.

Anyway, be well man.

Mike said...

freedom for me is being able to sit on the tail gate of my truck with my idiot roommates while drinking beers with our shits off and not being told to clean up our act.

and a jelly donut. jelly donuts are like freedom for me.

g13 said...

mike, i am glad you leave your shits off. otherwise they would get smeared all over the tail gate.