Monday, July 17, 2006

The hospitality spectrum

Hospitality is a trait I take seriously for those who follow Jesus. From my study of Scripture, it is my belief that hospitality is not a spiritual gift or merely good idea.

In fact it is one of the most important characteristics of the individual Christian or Christian community. However, the details of hospitality can get quite sticky.

Case in point. We have 2 Florida churches at the opposite end of the hospitality continuum, each doing it in the name of preaching the "gospel."

First of all we have Tampa's own megachurch Without Walls Church, the fastest growing church in America and "the perfect church for people who aren't" according to its press clippings. The controversial church is always stretching the boundaries of decorum, but is never predictable or boring. In fact, on Sunday this conservative church invited the Gay Atheist Strip Club owner and County Commission candidate Joe Redner to speak to their congregation about his platform.
Read about it here

While at the other end of the spectrum we have former NFL player and current pastor O'Neal Dozier in Pompano Beach leading protests and attempting to stop the construction of a new mosque in the vicinity of his church. He states "people in the neighborhood feel less safe knowing Muslims are invading." Read Here


Mike said...

i think the real lesson here is that not only do former NFL players make for bad Sports casters - most of the time. they also make a mess of the gospel as well.

Peter said...

Remember, Randy White and his churches are owned and operated by Joe Redner