Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Jesus trumps 2 Kabbalahs and a Buddha

So we were at New World Brewery last night celebrating the birthday's of Kristi and our friend Jon. Somehow while talking to Shawn Hopkins, the conversation moved to "Christian T-shirts" sold at places like Urban Outfitters.

I had an epiphany, since Kabbalah is all the rage, as are shirts depicting Christ. Here is my T-shirt design.

We could make millions. We could also sell "My Jesus beats your Buddha", "My Mohammed beats your Messiah (no images)" and so on.

Forget about tolerance, this is about cold hard cash. Shawn had the idea for a fish eating a Zohar (Kabbalah's primary image) for your car, etc.

I am sure we could take this wayyy too far if pressed, especially with the whole Poker thing.


james said...

Didn't Audio Adrenaline once release a song of similar lyrical genius?

Anonymous said...

As someone with an extensive (and tacky)Jesus collection, I would buy every one of your shirts!