Wednesday, September 13, 2006

presently listening to this...

I will not be offering reviews of the new music I am listening to today. I will be offering that in the very near future on some of this. I will give a short synopsis of some of this music. However, I thought you may be interested in what is presently at the Top of My Rotation on the IPOD.

Here is some of the some music I am presently digesting...

The Easy Star All-Stars, Radiodread
On the surfact this has all the marks of an unmitigated disaster, but somehow it is working for me so far. Reggea artists take the classic Radiohead album OK Computer and reinterpret it with reggae, dub, dancehall and ska. Outside of a few miscues, this is quite interesting and fun, especially to Radiohead fans.

French Kicks, Two Thousand
While there are many bands in its circle of influence (including the Walkmen and the Strokes), this album caught my attention on EMusic and I am presently giving it proper attention (while ignoring a mediocre Pitchfork review).

M Ward, Post-War
Folkie getting the same crowd that likes Josh Ritter and Elliot Smith, Ward is an excellent lyricist (and subtle). This album is not as political as the title implies. So far, it is more interesting than a typical folk album with more instrumentation (thank God).

my next music blog will mention the Channels, TV on the Radio, The Format, Lancaster Orchestra (thanks Dustin), Under the Influence of Giants, Leigh Nash and Woven Hand.

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Anonymous said...

no prob. the M.Ward album is pretty good, he does use a wide array of instrumentation which is a nice change. Have you given Transistor Radio much listen? That's a fantastic album as well. I read a good article in Paste on M.Ward. I think the title is supposed to elude more to Post-War(d). He said he wanted to create music that would outlive him. Interesting.