Wednesday, December 27, 2006

patience appreciated

I know it is ugly, but this is a very temporary look for my blog. I am trying to figure out how to do some interesting things to make it more pleasing to the idea without totally screwing it up (and keeping with my desire to be lazy and not work too hard). Be patient. Hopefully it will be worth it.


Daniel said...

Hey Rick, (sorry for this at your blog, your email-add is not working out, and I don't have any other)

this is Daniel and Katrin from Germany. Thank you for your helpful response and sorry for this delay. We're already travelling and stay right now in San Diego.

A lot of things have changed in our plans and unfortunately a lot of things didn't work out. We originally wanted to come to Florida to visit friends that live in Sarasota but as it turned out after we had booked all our flights our friends won't be there during the time that we'll be there. They offered that we can still stay at their house in Sarasota.

So we'll arrive in Orlando and we'll be in or around Sarasota from January, 4th till January, 16th without really knowing anyone or what we could do. It's really lame and we kind of feel a little bit left out.
Do you maybe know anyone that would like to hang out with us and take a little care of us? We would really appreciate your help.
That has not been the original reason why we wanted to get in contact with you but we don't have any idea what to do. Then we remembered that you had offered some help and thought that you maybe could help us out.

Thank you already and we hope to hear from you soon. Daniel and Katrin (

Anonymous said...

Morgan & Liz might have some knowledge about fun stuff in Sarasota...and may even have some time to visit...just a thought.

Don't want to insult the music guru, but I have a couple of tickets to Collective Soul this Sunday at the House of Blues....any interest?

Hope you are getting that much needed soon...