Monday, February 05, 2007

just because it says "fruit" on the box...

In case you lived in a happy dream world in which you believed advertisers, marketers and packaging, this recently released study will come as no surprise. And, if you have children it will come as no surprised that marketers attempt to take your money and your children's health by appealing to parents with the words "fruit" and kids with the sugar and images on the boxes.
If you have ever tried to explain why Clifford Crunch, which is organic and has Clifford on the package is not disgustingly repulsive, yet Scooby-Doo Cinnamon Marshmallow Cereal which is also promoted by a cartoon character is very bad for your child, you know it is not an easy task.

If you have ever had to explain why the fruit rollups the other kids take to school are bad for them, without declaring those children's parents "bad" or "unhealthy", while the apple and celery you sent are good (yet don't make you a "better" parent) you know this is not easy.

Hopefully schools, churches and others declaring their interest in good parenting and healthy children will publicize studies such as this and attempt to educate parents on healthy food choices for kids. Of course, step 1 for parents is taking the extra moment in the grocery aisle to actually read the ingredients on the package.


mike said...

hmm. i think if i ever have kids and i am as good about their diets as you are i would just go ahead and say that yes, those other parents are "bad" and i am "good."

why not, i mean, in 18 -20 years they will be laying on a couch telling a shrink how "bad" you were anyway. why not enjoy it while you can.

mike said...

also, when i was a kid we could eat what ever we wanted as long as we:

A) paid for it ourselves. we didn't have an alowance so that meant actually working.


B) went out and killed it ourselves.
i always went for B.