Wednesday, February 07, 2007

When is a guitar something else?


It is a sad commentary on the community you are considered a part of when, upon hearing of a group of people up in arms about Prince's Halftime show and the "guitar malfunction" you immediately scour the Internet to find out if it was a group of Christians that are making this into a story to raise funds to defend us against the eventual collapse of America due to exposed breasts and phallic guitars.

By the way, I am a nominal Prince fan lucky enough to see him as a freshman in high school on the 1999 tour. I even looked forward to his 2007 performance, which was ridiculously good for the venue.

My faith survived both.

It did not lead me to Satanism, fornication or homosexuality (or whatever other Musical boogie men youth ministers tried to lead us away from). It did make me a fan of Purple Rain that stood in line to sneak into the theatre upon its release (I bought tickets to a PG film) and I still remember some of the lyrics to Darling Nikki. So, maybe he was a terribly corrupting influence upon me.
he will make my Top Albums list at least 2X.


Anthony the Loser said...

Any advice?

Christian said...

Ah, it made you a deciever, you movie sneaker!

You know, I did not even notice this image when watching it. I was s impresses with the stunt of it. Kind of looks like a devil. oooohh!

g13 said...

i noticed this image during the performance. it left me strangely warm and satisfied for the rest of the evening.

ER said...

While I can't claim to have ever purchased Prince's debut, thanks to having an older brother I was able to enjoy his next several albums before any form of Prince popularity hit the Radio or the MTV crowd. I had the distinct pleasure of owning Controversy upon its release. I was one dirty-minded, rhythmically-challenged caucasian. Some things never change...I am still rhythmically challenged.

By the way, I can't claim that Prince's music altered my life radically one way or the other. It would be foolish for me to pretend to know how different my life would have been without his music flowing through my head during MS and HS. I certainly struggle/struggled with lots of issues his music explicitly addresses. I can't say "The Prince made me do it," but neither can I say "The Prince had no influence on me."