Tuesday, April 03, 2007

for your perusal if you are bored or jobless

  • Why Passover and Easter are not the competitors that Christmas and Hanukkah are. link
  • How far does $1 per day go in the places people live on that amount. link
  • Instead of buying a new iPod every year when your battery begins to fail, maybe you should buy something durable with that $300, like Apple stock. Check out this Mother Jones article on the planned obsolescence of our consumer products and the introduction of new products in this article entitled iWaste. link
  • David Plotz of Blogging the Bible tells us why God needs Satan. link
  • Time Magazine gives us 51 ways to save the earth. link
  • How suburbs are destroying the American Dream (schlock and awe). link
  • The 25 best rumors in rock history (#1- Paul's dead, of course). link
  • Unlike me, you may actually think the Democrats will win the Presidency in 2008. If you believe that, read this article from Rolling Stone on the Democrats greatest enemy to winning elections , its own consultants. link
  • Music to keep you hip. link
  • A Gay and Lesbian pro gun group. link
Lastly, you must see this:
  • Worst Album list from people that should know better. This is the R&RHOF's list of albums. It is insulting and too ridiculous to comment on. Who paid for this list? Just check out #s 13, 2-freaking-1, 27, 33, 36 (which is the same album as 21), 37 (John Travolta???), 44, 76, 84, 94 and 95 (my hands are shaking just looking at this list and acknowledging its existence- it has taken me weeks to be able to calm down enough to mention it publicly without breaking down and needing counseling). link

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Preson said...

hahaha, 84, 95, and 105!
I just threw up on my keyboard a little.