Thursday, June 07, 2007

bring on Bron Bron and his little cavs

The finals begin tonight.

Spurs in 5. Bill Simmons on why My Spurs are one of the best teams you have ever ignored (and Cleveland has no chance).



kidpositive said...

oh. ok. now i understand. you'll listen to Simmons when he says nice things about your spurs, but not when he speaks the truth, huh?

Cavs in 4!!!

mark said...

cavs in 6.
no doubt!

Dustin said...

The Cavs don't have a chance with Bruce Bowen kneeing the players in the crotch or kicking people in the face or Robert Horry throwing people into the scorers table. It's quite a classy team SA has this year! It's fun to search Bowen's name on You Tube. It's full of dirty shots, give it a try.

DJ Word said...

Mark- your lack of basketball knowledge is astounding.

Dustin- I knew you would not like a Spurs team with no white Canadians. Maybe you can watch the finals with Steve nash and the rest of the whiny Suns fans who nothing about basketball.

mark said...

the cavs have the spurs right where they want them.

let me know how things are going as the interim... i'd love to hear an update.

Unknown said...

of course when it's 26 to 40 check that 42 it's uh.. not looking good for the cavs

kidpositive said...

David Stern should be fired. He's been NBA commissioner since 1984. That's 23 years. You know what they call political leaders that have been in the same office that long? Dictators.

I find it hard to believe that a leader entrenched in the same position like that, for so long (and without ANY form of organizational oversight keeping him in check), can be maximally effective any longer. He needs to be removed.

Dustin said...

another nice ridiculous no call last night on Bruce Bowen. After the last three seasons i am almost 100% convinced that the NBA is as real as pro-wrestling.

How about last year? Two words: Dwayne Wade. I think i've said enough.