Monday, October 15, 2007

personal update

We are heading to the beach for a few days beginning on Tuesday. It should be a fun time and it is a much needed respite. Since Kristi was pregnant during the summer, we did not vacation. So, we are needing time away.

I will be attempting to keep up with my fantasy football commitments*, but work is off the table. We will play with kids (and hopefully friends) and do very little. I am hoping to read The Year of Living Biblically during the week. It looks like a blast. I am also hoping to finish Brian McLaren's latest, Everything Must Change (started it 2 months ago- oops), which is his most important book (in many ways) and should be seen as the logical conclusion of a new way to do Christianity.

We will also try to keep up the latest additions to our media diet (we decided we could add 1 or 2 shows this year, since we only watch Thursday night comedies). We are loving Chuck and Pushing Daisies (actually, I am loving PD, while Kristi is putting up with it).

However, before leaving for Anna Maria Island (one of Florida's few remaining hidden gems) tomorrow, I will be flying to DC** for an interview with a great organization I hope to work for. I have been talking to this organization about a specific job for over a year and it is finally getting serious. Keep it in your prayers (if you do that sort of thing).

*after starting the season 0-2, I have rebounded with a tie and 3 straight wins- including a shellacking of the previous undefeated powerhouse. Go Mosquito Larvae!

** I will leave Tampa at 7AM, be interviewed at 10AM and catch a return flight at 1:45, hopefully landing in Tampa at 4:10 to leave for vacation a few minutes later.


Unknown said...

hoping the interview went well. hope you guys enjoy yourselves at the beach. lots of love.

g13 said...

brian has a new book out? news to me.

i'll have to check it out and hope that emergent village doesn't revoke my cohort privileges for failing to properly peddle.