Tuesday, November 13, 2007

apparently someone besides Michael Moore sees something wrong with Health Care

Just in case you did not believe Michael Moore's Sicko when he decried the Health Insurance Industry and its lack of compassion (also its desire to make money while dropping patients that had paid for coverage), here is a story on a Health Insurer (and I use that term loosely) tying bonuses to the dropping of sick patients.

Yes, and remember the Free Market polices itself well and it is in the best interest of businesses to give the best services to customers, thereby insuring higher returns by acting in the public's best interest. The government should have no role in the business of its people, except for stopping illegals from entering our nation by defending our borders, starting wars on the soil of sovereign nations and encouraging us to buy more. It should stop evil, unless it is perpetrated by business interests with large pockets and good lobbyists. Then evil can continue unabated in perpetuity, because the market will regulate itself and greed is good.

enough of my rant. Read this yellow journalism by Commies with agendas at the LA Times (why can they not tell the stories of all the people the Health Insurance Industry hasn't screwed or ruined the lives of?).

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