Thursday, December 06, 2007

There is no Santa

Our daughter turns 6 next week and she has already found out there is no Santa, which pleases me because I did not particularly like the competition. I mean, we buy these gifts and some stupid guy in a red suit gets the credit. What a rip off.

Anyway, she asked my wife point blank a few days ago if there was a Santa. She had been thinking about it and he did not make since to her. He was not in the Bible and since Christmas was about Jesus, it seemed logical that Santa would be in the Bible if he was of any consequence. Plus, we had only let Santa bring things in the stocking anyway. I was proud of her.

Kristi did not want to let the cat out of the bag, but we have a policy around the household of not lying to our kids about such matters. This plays directly into our desire to keep Christmas about Jesus and rebel against the societal norms of the holiday. Of course, her first action was to let her 4 year old brother know there was no Santa Claus.

However, we have a wrinkle... When she told her teacher that she did not believe in Santa, she was told that her teacher still believed. It is our first direct competition from the popular teacher and I must win this battle.

Stay tuned.

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Jason Evans said...

we're going thru the same thing, rick. it's good to hear we're not alone!