Friday, April 25, 2008


  • Focus on the family sent out a newsletter to remind its constituents why they need to not be swayed by Obama's rhetorical skills, hope and serious discussions of his own faith. Here is March's newsletter.
  • It may be shocking to learn, but apparently some of those "facts" in their newsletter are a bit lacking in truth or context, but that has never stopped any of these groups before. The excellent site, Politifact has done some digging and found these mistruths- here is the 1st, the 2nd , the 3rd (this is about context, which FOTF leaves out) and the 4th. As a "Christian" organization, FOTF should share its disagreement with Obama while still telling the truth and representing the words of any politician in the proper context.
  • Aaron Graham, who helped us start our church in Boston (and was a student in my youth ministry), is the National Organizer for Sojourner's Justice Revivals. Watch his youtube video explaining the revivals here.
  • Jordon Cooper mentioned it first. But, here is a great article on what we can do to help the earth by Michael Pollan quoting Wendell Berry.
  • I have an interview with a great organization on Tuesday. Be mindful of that.

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mike said...

that second one is the most interesting, and saddening. if you wanted to spin this and turn it around on FOTF one could say that FOTF would rather we spend 3 trillion on the war - on war, something jesus condemned - rather than a fraction of a fraction of that on putting food in the mouths of people - something jesus commanded his followers to do.

how does one get so twisted by ideology?