Wednesday, May 07, 2008

radiohead last night

Radiohead is over and I return to my regularly scheduled life. Here are a few thoughts.
  • Radiohead is still at the top of their game and looks incredibly happy onstage. They seem to be having a great time, with none of the former pathos coming through (except through the music).
  • As you know I am a committed Environmentalist. However, last night I reached my limit. If you are a rock band concerned about your carbon footprint, do not turn off the video screens unless you lower the ticket price. People paid good money to see you and those far away get little for their money if you turn off the screens!
  • LED Tubes use less energy and make for a cool light show (even if it obscures the video screens Radiohead brought)
  • The mix was great but the volume was too low. I am almost 40 years old. I still have my hearing and want my music loud in concert. I do not want to understand what my friends are saying when we speak.
  • Tampa Radiohead fans like the album Kid A. This was evident from crowd reaction. They like the new album, but LOVE Kid A, which surprised me (I LOVE that album, though). The love was there for most songs, but the few OK Computer and The Bends songs did not elicit such reactions as Everything in Its Right Place. The National Anthem and Idioteque.
  • Transcendence occurred at the appropriate times- the bridge from the Bends and the crescendo from Reckoner.
  • Beer $9, Water $4, T-shirts $40, Mixed Drinks $13, coffee $3, fancy coffee $6. The gum in my pocket $0. I had gum.
  • Opener The Liars put on an excellent set, but the mix was poor.
  • Here is the setlist and a review.
someone got a high quality video from last night (there is some good stuff on youtube):

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