Friday, May 30, 2008

random goodness

  • long article in the New Yorker, The Fall of Conservatism about the history of modern conservatism in America (Republican style), its decline and its future course (more sociological and historical than political).
  • another long article in the New Yorker in which Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright (one of my favorite writer/ reporters) details the philosophical shift away from jihad by one of Al Qaeda's masterminds; The Rebellion Within.
  • My friend Mike shared this amazing photo.
  • Just finished reading Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove's latest tome New Monasticism. The subject is pretty easy to figure out. Wilson-Hartgrove weaves history and his own personal account from typical Southern Church world to radical community. it is compelling and timely. I recommend it to anyone, especially those in traditional churches. He spends much time helping non-adherents learn from the movement. I would recommend it to any fan of Shane Claiborne or one that wants to learn from Anabaptists.

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