Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chuck Todd should replace Tim Russert

is there anything I don't have an opinion on?*

As a self professed political junkie** (in fact, a nickname in college was "Politico" with another Fraternity brother designating me the PJ), I have been wondering what could happen to election coverage in wake of the tragic death of the incomparable Tim Russert. A fan of NBC's political coverage (by far the most mature, most comprehensive and least shrill) for years now, I have watched Meet the Press most Sunday mornings (or TiVoed it) for a number of years.

During this election coverage I have grown to appreciate Chuck Todd and his careful analysis of election patterns, voter percentages, campaign missteps and walking the Russert-line of non-partisanship with strong opinion. A couple of days ago, while considering who should fill Russert's incredibly large chair, I realized he was the right person for the job. He has many of the same qualities that made Russert so strong. He is smart, well prepared, slightly schlubby, an everyman and young enough to keep the chair for years.

While I can see David Gregory becoming Washington Bureau chief, I don't think he is right for the MTP chair. Of course, Chris Matthews would be a disaster and Kieth Olbermann is a lightening rod. I am sure others are bandying for the spot as I write this.

But, Chuck Todd is the right choice. Apparently I am not the only one with this opinion (so make it happen, NBC. Andrew Sullivan, Kos and Jonah Goldberg agree.

* probably not

** I consider myself pretty astute on the political front. actually I feel my analysis and understanding is better than my understanding of theology. My wife says that it is because my natural bent and talent is sociological. I am drawn to politics because of the sociological aspects and towards the sociological and relational aspects of church and theology (which shapes my theological understanding- not the other way around). She is probably right.


Anonymous said...

I agree...Chuck Todd. Hands down!

Magrey said...

And another thing about Olbermann - he's gotta be the worst questioner on television. Every question is meandering, stream-of-consciousness and utterly exhausting to listen to.

I agree that "Chucky T" has really matured on the job, but I think he is still more of an analyst than a journalist/interviewer. I'll throw in an option for the heck of it, even though I don't think he's got a shot. Every time Howard Fineman of Newsweek/MSNBC talks, I listen up. He is extremely insightful and has good journalistic instincts. Could probably do a good job in the MTP seat.