Tuesday, June 10, 2008

good stuff

  • there is quite the kerfuffle going on over at the Emerging Women blog. In fact, people I know have been accused of cyberbullying. Of course, it is my contention that the accuser is the same as the one that started the ruckus. The posting is about Hillary's lame concession speech and how good it was for women. The problem child is talking smack about Americans and how people on the blog only claim Christianity. Gillian has some wonderful points on the speech (in the comments).
  • Conservative pundit, David Brooks decries the economic problems in America and squarely puts the blame on ALL of us, especially our desire for cheap credit and lack of concern for long term debt (coupled with rampant consumption). It is an article some on the left and right will love (and some hate). Read it here.
  • Excellent speech at Harvard by JK Rowlings on the benefits of failure and need for imagination. thanks mycotn for the hit.
  • Kung Fu Panda is a trip. Go see it, especially if you have kids.


murf said...

My wife and three of my kids (15,17,19), and I went to see Kung Fu Panda and laughed all the way through. Great movie.

David Brooks is correct of course. Having said that, one can only get credit (cheap or otherwise) when it is available, so to my own way of thinking much of the credit (no pun intended) is laid at the feet of Alan "Put the money gun on full auto" Greenspan.

mycotn said...

If anyone picks up Flannery O'Connor's book, I recommend starting off with "Revelation."

karin said...

I've told you before that I don't usually comment on your blog because sometimes the debates that go back and forth scare me a little. I'm too chicken that someone might say something back to me. WELL, after immersing myself in the "Hillary" discussion like a bad addiction I have to tell you I am no longer afraid of your friends (well, not totally afraid). That debate is out of control. THEY scare me!