Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Fiddle Music in NYC

one of the members of our old church is Boston is among the best violinists you can ever hear (and although ridiculously educated, he still calls it a fiddle). He is in New York City and about to debut his live show. So, if you are in the NYC- or know anyone in NYC, here is some info. Head on out and make me jealous.
I am playing my first solo show here in NYC next Monday, June 16, 7pm at the Parkside Lounge. I'll be playing some Bluegrass, Bach, Improv, and maybe a cover or two. I'll be belting out the lyrics with my highly untrained voice, and accompanying myself with my own fiddle. All in all, I'm going to have a blast and I invite you to join me! I know you are probably nowhere near NYC, but I'd thought it wouldn't hurt to let you know. All the best!


Monday, June 16, 7 - 8:30pm
Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston Street
21 and over
Donation only

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