Monday, July 28, 2008

stuff I have liked this week

being able to listen for a few minutes to Wendell Berry talk about the Bible, the Earth and Mountain Top Removal

thanks to jason and Hudson

Feist counting to 4 on Sesame Street

the trailer to Oliver Stone's W (just looks funny- probably not insightful).

the trailer (seen during both screenings of The Dark Knight) for Watchmen. I must say I am sceptical. I know the director has a wonderful visual sense, but can he carry the narrative of the single greatest comic book series (and one the great novels) of the 20th Century?

thanks for the comments on The Dark Knight review. Upon second viewing, I am still skeptical of the Gordon "death" scene (more questions than answers), but it is cooler and fits narratively (I just question the actual scene). I am also more assured that the last 15 minutes of the film should have been left on the editing floor (save it for next time)- even though I appreciate what the director is trying to accomplish. Lastly, if you cannot figure out the 5 deaths Dent was responsible for in the film according to the conversation between Batman and Gordon at film's end- feel no confusion. There are no 5 deaths in the film. There are 3-4 and only 1 cop.

By the way, I am in the midst of a blog posting poking fun at Coldplay. You were warned Coldplayanistas.


mike said...


You know I love your blog. You can tell cause I have it on my reader and it is one of 3. If you only did posts like this I would still love it.

The Berry video... wow. What are we going to do when he passes? There is no one who speaks and then backs it up with his life as he does. My only consolation when he passes will be that in his death he will probably achieve the status he deserves.

Feist... damn it all if that song wasn't catchy enough and I hate pop music. That video was delightful. I laughed out loud when they broke into the "bauck baucks."

Oliver, oh oliver. I don't know. He irritated the shit out of me with his a-historical Kennedy conspiracy BS. And I am sure this film will be as full of BS as that, but I love a good send up, especially one of such a crappy president.

The Watchers film, I don't know anything about but the trailer looked sick.

How do you find this stuff? Do you ever sleep?

Danny said...

The W. thing looks intriguing, but I think ultimately the Feist clip is more enjoyable than the W. movie will be. I like her stuff. And I like muppets.