Friday, August 29, 2008


I am just taking a short break for lunch and cannot blog extensively, plus I am trying to stay away from political matters (and partisan opinion) on this blog. However, to John McCain I say but one word... touche. Good form, old chap.

Talking to my wife a couple of weeks ago, I informed her (and I believe I told Jeff Gentry the same) that if Obama did not pick Hillary (or another woman), that John McCain, who desperately wants the HRC supporters (and other PUMAs) would pick a woman.

When Kristi asked who, I told her it should (would) be the Governor of Alaska (if he was at all strategic), Sarah Palin. I was right. I was not saying she would be the best pick (very important), just that she would be a strategically smart pick in a sea of also-rans (of course, this is from knowing nothing but her resume).

And, I don't get paid for this... unlike all those other guys that get paid to be wrong.

I could go into why it was was or was not a good pick, why it made McCain show his vulnerability on so many issues and short circuit some of Obama's shortcomings (namely age and experience). But on so many levels this is brilliant. She trumps some of Biden's strength. Most importantly, will Biden hold back in debates? Yes and he cannot attack her without looking classless.

I could go on, but need to get back to work. Just read her bio (or watch the speech) and you will see why this is pretty impressive, considering the atmosphere.

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RDF said...


Palin does appear to be a very well thought out risk by McCain's handlers. I can't wait to see some polls with her on the ticket. So, will the Dems break out the pictures of her from the beauty pageant swim suit competition?

I'm stuck. Being a disgruntled moderate Republican, I don't trust that McCain will turn out to be even close to the maverick he purports to be. As for Obama, I don't know what to expect or if I can trust more than a small % of the proomises in his speech the other night. All I know is that a well educated attorney friend told me he'd get killed by Obama in taxes. Hmmm..killed or forced to pay your fair share so that future generations won't have to carry the burden of our misadventures in greed. Uh, oh, I may have moved out of the center. Are there any left of center Republicans out there - living?

Good luck with the new job! Talk to you soon.