Wednesday, October 01, 2008

advice for Palin Fans from the Economist

As you watch debates, interviews and press conferences (if those ever arrive):

"I have said it in this space before: To all McCain/Palin supporters, watch her speak and picture as your actual president and not in a fun, would-love-to-have-over-for-dinner way. She's going to be your president, not your neighbor."


Mike said...

uh, hello! we had her lost at birth brother for the last 8 years. a guy who would be rad to go to a ball game, strip club or duck hunt with but who makes for a shitty president (of the USA, he would be a great Frat President).

I'm with Matt Damon, it will be like a bad Disney movie. Soccer mom becomes VP then President and wackiness ensues.

the real question is who will be pulling this sock puppets strings?

kristi said...

this is precisely why all the media coverage of how "folksy" and "connected with the audience" and "down to earth" palin was during the debates makes me want to vomit...i don't need a folksy prez/veep. we HAVE one of those (dipwads). i really don't think the country can stand another one.