Wednesday, October 29, 2008


now I am having a very bad year in one of my fantasy football leagues. While #4 in points, I am in 9th place (out of 10 teams). However, just because I am having an off year, it does not mean that I am a complete idiot (I just had a bad draft and have had bad luck in matchups).

The guy in 1st wanted to trade me Roy Williams and Torry Holt for Anquan Boldin. In less games, Boldin has more points than those 2 combined! Sure, Williams will get more points as he gets settled into the groove in Dallas. But, Holt is 32 years old and clearly lost a step. And , Boldin is  a top 5 receiver in the NFL. Do I not know this?*

Of course, the way my season is going Boldin will suffer a season ending ankle injury next Sunday.

*by the way, someone tried to steal Boldin from me last year... probably the same guy. As an FSU alumni and Cardinal fan who has blogged about Boldin in the past, I am offended.

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