Tuesday, November 18, 2008

random stuff to keep the blog from going dormant

I have not been particularly inspired to write anything original as of late. I thought a couple of days in NYC and a day learning the ins and outs of Jewish Hospice services at the National Institute for Jewish Hospice meeting would inspire something (beyond a little Yiddish), but nothing that interesting happened.

Everything is trucking along normally at home, job is relatively good in a bad economy and there is no election to talk about. Spiritually, life is pretty blase right now... no church to speak of and none on the horizon, which would be no big deal. However, I (and my family) actually like church and the community that surrounds it. I have spent hours scouring the Internet and can find nothing that has the possibility of a fit for my family. Tampa is a city of pastors and churches that fashion themselves after Ed Young Jr, John Piper, Without Walls and Joel Osteen and I am not interested in any of those people or churches, so we are left without a home.  I have spoken to someone about the possibility of starting something, but I am a bit tentative right now on the subject.

Since I have nothing to report and no inspiration for blogging, I will lead you to some good stuff I have seen during my web perusals.
  • just another good economist won't solve our economic woes. We need to revamp how we operate an economy- less consumption (and this is not from a Christian writer). Link
  • We are no longer a Center Right Country, no matter what the pundits say, according to a Conservative think tanker. link
  • The greatest baseball player of this generation* beat out a 1 dimensional hacker for MVP. There is justice. Link
  • My precious Arizona Cardinals can wrap up the division next week. I had a hard time typing that sentence. Link
  • Is there a better way to deal with marijuana? Link (MA seems to think so)
  • Finding Local Food is a bit easier than before. Link
  • Huckabee tells it like it is about the campaign. Link
*there are 4 players (I separate out pitchers and the rest of the players- you cannot compare them) of this generation that are in contention for Best of the Generation and each of the 4 could eventually be in a discussion for Top 10 of all time (there are a few younger players such as Cabrera that can be in the conversation after a few more years). Those players are Bonds, A-Rod, Ramirez and Pujols. Griffey's injuries knock him out (however unfairly) and Helton spends too much time in Coors Field. If Bonds is a cheating cheater and Ramirez is a poor outfielder that leaves 2 to fight it out.

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Anonymous said...

There isn't that much justice, because while Pujols won the MVP, Howard, who was the 4th most valuable player on his own team when you factor in defense, finished second in the voting and that's just silly.

A-Rod is the best player of this generation, however he was robbed of about 3 years of well above-average SS play by a very selfish "captain" who refused to move off his position despite sucking at it, which will hurt his case. Although it is his fault for forcing a trade to the Yankees.