Wednesday, December 03, 2008

grammy awards

man. I cannot believe how much the Grammys stink. How can anyone take these nominees seriously as a group?

a few thoughts:
  • it is sad to think Coldplay is good enough for that many nominations for a average, slightly better than mediocre album.
  • at least Radiohead is up for album of year. When Coldplay beats them it will be a travesty to think of the mediocre little brother beating the superior big brother because he makes pablum that is acceptable to the masses while the older brother makes art.
  • Best Rap Album is a better cross section of excellent Rap albums than Best Rock Album is. I mean, Best Rock Album has no excellent entries (Kid Rock?). None of these will be on any critic's list of best albums of the year.
  • Record of the Year and Song of the Year are pathetic.
Is this a joke?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you the Grammies and some other crappy music awards are nothing but crap shows.

Anonymous said...

It's because the Grammys aren't judging music as art but as commercially viable. It's the same with the Doves (or GMAs or whatever their called) and pretty much every other awards show. Which means that Katie Perry will mop up next year.