Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Most important Book...ever? besides the Bible, of course

You must buy this book. It will change your life.

The most important book of the year just arrived at my office via UPS. This is the book I will spend countless hours pouring over. I will spend any moment not associated with familial or work related responsibility engaging with. I will lose sleep, spend too much time sitting in the privacy of the bathroom and not listen to the words of those around me. I will agree, laugh knowingly, argue with vehemently, make up conversations with the author in my head, spend time researching some conclusions and increase my already vast knowledge of the subject.

What is this book?

If you are a music lover, you must buy this. If you think you know music you must buy this. If you want to understand music beyond a vacuum you live in musically you must buy this. If you listen to the excellent podcast All Songs Considered (which has featured it twice) you may already own it.

If your name is Cade, Steve McCoy, Marko, Dustin, Ryan, Eric, Michael, Troy, Jon, Jen, Andy Crouch you need to buy this and tell others. And all you Emergents stuck in the folk world need to buy it and get educated. Someone tell those guys, many of which don't come by here, to rush out, if they have not already gotten their copy. 

By the way, after 5 minutes I have already gotten angry 3 times, went "oh yeah" 2 times and thought, "what the heck?" once.

If you love Rolling Stone lists and love to argue over music, this is for you. It is like Rolling Stone meets Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I have heard of this on All Songs or Fresh Air or something, but don't have it. I'll put it on my Christmas list. Thanks man.

Michael said...

ok, its waiting for me on my kindle.

if it doesn't change my life, the blog post will of course be titled "rick made me waste my money on this useless book, don't let him fool you"


Michael said...

stayed up way too late reading/scanning through this last night.

i am "world" music clueless, so there is a lot in there i know nothing about. the things i have opinions about i mostly agreed with him, though i'm the only one in the universe who thinks that both "i'm the man" and "look sharp" are much better albums (though more raw), than "night and day" (joe jackson).

saw a ton of stuff which my dad got me listening to when i was growing up, janis joplin, leo kottke, maria muldaur, joni mitchel, cannonball adderly that was kind of fun.

have no idea how you can skip dave brubeck and paul desmond.

thanks for the recommendation.

DJ Word said...

He talked about not including Time Out/Take 5 on the podcast. it was a tough decision to leave it out. He opted for Take 10 (pg 220), by Paul Desomond. I have never heard Take 10, but am intriqued.

He talks about thinking he is going 1 place, especially with the classics and ending someplace else via left turn.

I have to say, I am a Night and Day fan because it opened my eyes in HS to something beyond what I was hearing. Although I love Look Sharp.

What you are doing is why I like this book so much.

DJ Word said...


I think it will give you much joy. It is very fun to spend time with, plus Moon's knowledge is Einsteinian.