Monday, December 15, 2008

Year End List prep finishing

I am making those lists and checking them twice, and three times. As I finalize my Year End Lists, some are shaping up easier than the others...

Top TV- easy. There is a Number 1 and then there is everything else.

Top Film- Tampa is late, so I usually wait until after the New Year to see things, but I can give a few thoughts.

Top Disappointments- Sadly, this was easier this year, since so many bands that I love or have been high on "Best of" lists in the past released inferior products in 2008 (kinda like musical versions of the McCain campaign).

Top Singles- better than many I have seen and still leaning towards non-Top 40 (only a couple are big hits), but more mainstream than you may realize. I still a Top 50 and I want to give you only 10, but that is impossible. I am thinking Top 20. Let me know how many you want.

Top Albums- Alright, I have paired it down to a Top 80. The year was good enough for at least 80 good albums. However, the year was filled with good, but very few were great. This year's Top 3 would not have been in the Top 5 or 10 the past couple of years. That makes it hard. I can promise this list is better than Paste's or Rolling Stone's, but that is not saying much.

Hopefully I will have it down to a manageable Top 25, Top 40 or Top 50 soon enough. A Top 10 is impossible. Let me know (all 10 of you) want you want. If it is good enough, share it. As hard as I work on this thing, I would like some of the bigger boys to let people know it is here (I promise there will be some oddities and surprises, even if it leans on the Indie Rock side).

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